Unsullied Islands, Beaches & Landscapes
by Cyril Oghomeh

"Sincerely my love, the cherry blossom effuses with your gaiety and makes it look like the
Fortitude of the Tokyo imperial palace"

Spanning the globe in search of exotic locations both natural and urban, this collection of poetry is all about sampling the finest that life has to offer as well as sharing it with someone special. Sometimes romantic, sometimes emotional, and sometimes erotic, each poem is heartfelt and explores pristine beaches, posh resorts, and fine dining as metaphors to compare with the most powerful feelings of love. From Cuban islands and Jamaican resorts to Chinese bridges and Japanese cherry blossoms, the vibrant, striking visuals used for imagery in these poems will send the mind on a world tour as it anchors the heart to that someone special to share these experiences with.

Written from a variety of perspectives both masculine and feminine, this book encourages imagination and fantasies for the best people, places, and things a person could ask for. With almost four dozen different poems, each focused on a certain kind of luxury, readers will likely only put this book down to research the lush backdrops or do a spot of daydreaming. What makes this volume especially fascinating is the way that each poem pairs a beautiful location or an opulent meal with an emotion. Whether the written words come from a man or a woman, they can fall anywhere between the height of romantic feelings and intimacy or the harsh reality of dealing with a cheating spouse. These emotional peaks are intertwined with the descriptions of tropical paradises or luxury dining to compare their intensity and power, and the result is something the reader will remember as vividly as a perfect vacation.

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