"Was today our last day? Would there be a tomorrow for me and Kendra?"

Brad and Kendra are a married couple who have grown up together. As children and young teens, they experienced nearly everything as a couple. Kendra, who remains significantly young-looking and is perceived by some to be about fourteen even as an adult, is more adventurous than Brad. However, the two love each other. Kendra's appearance and physical and emotional proclivities enable her to join the FBI as an investigator into the sex trafficking of children. Her attempted murder brings this realization home to Brad. Shocked and grieved, he must deal with the situation revolving around a mate to whom he is devoted. Can he love her unconditionally?

Gauthier's legal background is evident in how he describes Kendra's professional connections and duties, as well as earlier when Brad receives a settlement over $11,000,000 after an accident kills both of his parents when he is a minor. He announces to Kendra that they are both rich since they are going to be together for life.

The author's story presents moral ambiguity in many dimensions. It raises questions about devotion and love vs. fidelity, morality and its potential suspension in pursuit of a potentially greater good, the use of natural phenomena and abilities that society may not condone (but which can be useful nonetheless), and how society's laws and norms both enable and censure or restrict these actions. Is morality actually suspended when the participant is acting a part in order to free teenagers from sexual slavery? The book demonstrates its points via believable, sympathetic characters, and it is easy to become pleasantly lost in its literary labyrinth.

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