"My teacher and I were doing fine
At school she ruled, I towed the line
This homeschool staff is not so cool
They should enroll in teacher school."

This small book of verse delves into the realities of life under the threat of the coronavirus as seen through the eyes of children suddenly faced with having to stay home from school. The collection lends a bit of humor to the everyday realities of life in a "safer at home" environment. Subjects such as dealing with daily baths, modified social lives, and parents are broached from a kid's unique perspective. The volume is divided into four sections—"Safer at Home," "Zoom and School," "Social Life," and "Grownups. The epilogue, "Teddy Bear in the Window," is a touching tribute to the human spirit: "The teddy bear in my window / Is kid code for "I'm still here!" / I'm biding my time, I'm playing my games / I haven't disappeared."

Written for both kids and parents, this collection of humorous poems is a light in the darkness. The author readily admits that "there is nothing funny about the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic." Yet, kids are resilient and decidedly entertaining even when faced with such endeavors as homeschooling and drive-by birthday parties. Drawing upon the experiences of her three children, the author tackles such modern norms as wearing pajamas all day and learning to be discreet while on Zoom. Readers will discover laugh-out-loud verses in this book, along with a few that offer a more melancholy tone. However, kids and parents alike will find common ground. This is the perfect choice for those who could use a little comic relief in an uncertain world. Timely and poignant, Landsman's offering is a much-needed respite for long days at home.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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