Visions from Heaven: Climbing the Ladder to Spiritual Oneness
as told to Ron Hodge, Jan Huber, and Lorraine Dopson
Angelfire Press

"Though you are starting to advance toward spiritual understanding, you will not go forward until you can share with others and learn the art of compassion."

Three friends band together to share timeless wisdom in this short series of messages from the Native American spirit world. When Ron Hodge—a descendant of the Powhatan tribe, an attorney, and tribal judge in the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota—learned that he was dying of cancer, he enlisted the help of two friends. Jan Huber, a homemaker and mother who worked with the visually impaired, and Lorraine Dopson, a counselor and author on spiritual matters, would record as Ron gave voice to revelations from the ancestors of his people. The messages indicate that the world is approaching a short but devastating crisis—upheavals in climate, wars, and the breakdown of social order. The messengers—one of them identified as Mark, the disciple of Jesus, the others sometimes called The Light Beings or The Council of Twelve—offer serious admonitions to humans to expand their powers of love and compassion in order to deal with these crises properly. They describe the spiritual path as a ladder that humans climb in different physical forms in order to learn these lessons of ever-increasing love and helpfulness towards their fellow beings.

Powerful feelings and intelligent organization combine in this unusual collection taken from some 70 hours of taped sessions. Just before he died, Hodge received the chapter headings and the book’s title from The Beings so his book could be clearly and simply arranged. Dopson and Huber, who had never met before the sessions began and who had very different approaches to life’s issues, worked remarkably harmoniously to create the book, gradually seeing points of commonality between them that overshadowed their differences. Images of another, higher realm and a unique meeting of earthly minds underpin the concepts conveyed in this thought-provoking creation.

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