Visions of Light: Inspirational Poetry, Stunning Photography
by Raymond J. Klein
PageTurner Press and Media

"Break into your own imagination; break through that visual barrier that limits us to doing the same old thing. Your camera, which has made you independent, is a tool."

As a byproduct of his work in advertising, the author often found himself experimenting with photography and light. One result of this decades-long journey of trial and error is a fascination with the interpretive power of manipulated light. To Klein, working with light became, in his words, a way to visualize life, liberty, and sometimes even the pursuit of happiness. While professional photographers travel the world to obtain remarkable, mind-expanding images, Klein realized it is also possible to do so without leaving home, simply by manipulating and photographing various sources of light. Then, under the notion that poems also provide an interpretive source of imagery, he decided to combine the two. Through this colorful and somewhat avant-garde book, readers have a chance to interpret his overall concept at their own leisurely pace. As a bonus, the author shares a few tools of the trade for those interested in experimenting on their own.

In this unique volume, Klein shows how two mediums can be merged—photography and poetry—and how each, individually, can have elements of the other. He asked poets from his neck of the woods to write original, insightful, and inspirational poems, and then, using light manipulation, interpreted them into photographic images. By doing so, it becomes clear that poetry itself sparks images, that photography is poetic, and that the two can be partners. Combined in this book, they invoke a range of visions and feelings from globes to rainbows, from vitality to introspection, from the natural to the spiritual. In addition to trying it out on their own, the author wants his audience to think, relax, and wonder. By taking readers gently and tranquilly on this photo-poetic journey, that is exactly the result.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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