"Though things may become undone or may come apart, we always have the choice to make it right."

In this book, Keo presents many of his own reflections on life, spirituality, and the meaning of it all. Each reflection is based on a specific event, which Keo describes in image and text before he elaborates as to the larger takeaway. For instance, he was at a friend’s business when he saw a live starfish in 2010, and he noted that the starfish has small legs or hands that move slowly but surely. In his hand-drawn picture, he labels these five legs as hard work, love, service, faith, and dedication, giving them a deeper context.

The book often feels like a glimpse into a personal journal, as if the reader is taking a peek into the author’s mind. The book can be whimsical and serious at times, making it an intriguing read. Many of the passages take a religious tone, creating a devotional of sorts. Keo inspires readers to reflect on their own daily life and see the world in a new way. Indeed, everyday objects find new meaning through Keo’s eyes, as we see how he interprets a missing button, putting on bedsheets, and even a woodpecker. All of these common items relate to bigger ideas as he compares them to faith and living a spiritual life.

Each section could be read on its own and at random, making this an easy book to pick up and glance through, whether read in full or in small sections at a time. Keo takes the reader on a guided journey through life in an approachable and engaging way. Whether readers are looking to find deeper meaning in their own lives or just intrigued by the premise, this book is a new take on seeing the larger context of the world around.

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