Walking by Faith
by Kaye McDonald Lee
Trafford Publishing

"I'm sorry I had to leave so soon
Leaving you there to weep.
But the love I so freely gave you
Will forever be yours to keep."

This is a book of poems expressing faith in God regardless of what the person is going through at the time. Most of the poems, though not all of them, are written in traditional four-line stanzas. This makes them easy to read by anyone who enjoys sitting in a quiet place reflecting on heartfelt poetry. There is no question as to what the author is talking about in each poem. This book was written from a Christian view. Some of the poems refer either indirectly or by name to Jesus Christ, most refer to God either outright or indirectly, and some are generic about faith and perseverance. Subject matters range from birth, feelings of despair, poverty, illness, death, fear, love, aging, faith, and Christmas.

The author writes that she was "hesitant about sharing" her thoughts with the public. This collection of poetry, though simple in structure, reaches deep into one's heart after all the layers and masks have been peeled away. Several of the poems talk about reaching for something that seems unattainable at the time. That's not surprising when one discovers that the author is a cancer survivor and wants others to find inspiration and not give up. She states her purpose in the last four lines of her poem titled "The Gift."

If in my rhyme I make one day brighter
As I form my thoughts in simple poetry,
Lift a burden or make one lighter,
I have used wisely this gift given me.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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