"When you are traveling, you must always be looking forward in order to know where you are going, but you must also continue to take a periodic look in the rearview mirror to see what is behind you."

For those who wish to climb the organizational ladder, Jasper’s book feeds ambitions with bountiful advice, supported by the biblical scriptures. The work brims with insightful suggestions based on the writer’s many years of employment—from his humble beginnings as a nine-year-old child laborer in the cotton fields of Arkansas to the top of the executive suite. It’s the gray space that matters is the common theme of the book. Among the insightful counsel included in this work is to understand an organization’s norms, culture, and politics, and that simply working hard will not suffice. Jasper advises that to attain a position of authority, one must expand beyond the job requirement by taking on extra assignments or volunteer work. He further articulates that it is the unwritten and unspoken rules that must be comprehended, including dress code, social behavior, the length of the working day, and other distinctive yet unmentioned aspects of group etiquette.

Unlike many motivational books, Jasper’s offers a unique approach in providing solid advice intertwined with practical interpretations of biblical teachings. In Jasper’s “gray area,” one can easily make a comparison to one of the great business and management philosophers, Peter F. Drucker, who wrote in his notable book, The Effective Executive, that “The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.” Like Drucker, Jasper highlights the need to grasp change. From knowing the value of oneself to having the right people know who you are, Jasper takes a down-to-earth mentoring style that is relatable and transferable to many types of occupations and situations. The author lifts readers up and out of the myopic view of seeing the world in terms of only black and white. Those who read his book may discover a bright path to success in work and life.

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