Warrior's Embrace
by Anita Crowley

"Weird stuff never happened to her, she was boring and normal, and not typically the one who would wake up with marks on her stomach that she had dreamt about."

Leta Ryan is living the life of an average college student until she awakens from a vivid dream on her twenty-first birthday and quickly detects that she has entered an alternate reality. Having dreamed that a crescent moon appeared on her side following an encounter with a mysterious man, Leta discovers the mark present on her body as she envisioned. In an attempt to seek some guidance on this confusing occurrence, her roommate convinces her to partake in a tarot reading at a local sorcery shop. The results of the reading leave her even more dismayed as the sorceress reveals that Leta’s tattoo is the symbol of The Night Goddess Nyx and foresees many changes in her future. Before she has time to adjust to this prediction, a bizarre series of events unfold, propelling her on a journey toward understanding her new existence and, unexpectedly, finding love.

As the first book in the Warriors of Nyx series, this story sets the stage for a cast of mythic creatures facing off in a classic good versus evil narrative. From vampires and demons to warriors, gods, and goddesses, a variety of characters are assembled to present an imaginative tale that highlights many aspects of Greek mythology. The author gradually uncovers each character’s history as the story evolves, developing a suspenseful tone to the heavily romanticized storyline. At the center of the plot is the concept of acceptance, as the characters struggle to adapt to internal and external changes. This conflict is represented throughout the story as Leta is routinely challenged to believe the impossible and embrace the unfamiliar. The story concludes with a finish that establishes an easy transition into the next book of the series, creating a foundation to form a continued connection to these enchanting characters.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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