Water Your Roots: Walking a Spiritual Path 
by Bernard Willemsen	
Quasar Books	

"It's normal for us to think that we are doing the best we can until someone shows us how to reach further."

Willemsen's earnest guide to learning to walk a spiritual path is the third in his series on the psyche, the spirit, and human energy. Water Your Roots is about the practical application of theories from the first two books, focusing specifically on what it means to be a student of spirituality and the best ways to pursue a path of spiritual growth.

Eschewing faith and belief, Willemsen explains that knowledge comes from experience. Each chapter focuses on an aspect of the process of becoming a student. From self-definition as a student to finding a teacher to overcoming obstacles within oneself, Willemsen lays out a clear and accessible plan for an individual's successful start to a more spiritual life. The most fundamental aspect of the plan is that every student needs to find a teacher, and Willemsen plainly states easy to understand criteria for selecting the right person to guide a new student on their journey.

A book for those just beginning to explore what it means to be spiritual, Water Your Roots explains ideas simply and focuses on general, rather than specific, principles. Examples from former students illustrate Willemsen's points, taking the more abstract concepts and making them real and applicable for the reader. Willemsen's sensible advice, clear examples, and directed exercises make Water Your Roots a useful tool for those searching for a way to begin a journey toward spiritual and personal growth.

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