We Have All Been Broken
by Ben Rekittke
Author Reputation Press

"Yes we humans are animals
That have created a distorted sense of morality,
Religion and justification of genocide."

The first mental impression that many people have of poetry is that of the classics: lovesick yearnings dressed in language’s finest metaphors and meter to convey one’s innermost feelings. But what if those feelings are hardened, sickened by the surrounding world, and holding humanity’s basest behaviors to a higher standard? This collection of poetry is gritty, violent, yet still honest in an aggressive and disgusted sense. Gone are the similes to sunsets and flowers, instead replaced by a modern, urban outlook of people consumed by consumption, driven only by selfishness and manipulation. Each of these poems is presented to offer that alternative: an artistic view of the world written by someone who doesn’t like what they see. Vulgar, graphic, and shocking, these poems leave an immediate impact and tell a story and a perspective not commonly told within the medium of poetry.

The title of this work sets the tone and even invites the reader in, letting them know that what they may read might shock them. But they have certainly felt similarly at least at points in their life. There’s a solid sense of humor that permeates these poems as well; even in their aggression, the author makes light of expressing himself poetically in the first place or makes quips about the circumstances that might inspire an individual poem. What’s written here will alarm some but is not done entirely for the shock value. Rather, there’s a cathartic nature to these rants that is akin to listening to heavy metal or engaging in primal screaming. Though it may stand out in our societal rules as unorthodox or even unseemly, the author’s message brings everything back together, reminding the reader that they, too, have wanted to dismantle the structure from time to time.

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