We Lesser Gods Addendum
by Elizabeth Clayton
Trafford Publishing

"To know the lost glory in autumn, under the scepter of time,
to become the sprout, the leaves—
spring bringing, another"

Serving as a companion to the also-released We Lesser Gods by the same author, this collection of poems features work written around the same times and in similar frames of mind that just didn’t mesh with the flow of the other book. These poems explore the themes of loss and loneliness, or marvel at humankind’s place among itself, or in nature and the entirety of creation. Generally, these poems were recorded in the hours between midnight and daylight, capturing thoughts as the author exited dreams or stirred in the darkness, then returning in the day to expand upon what she left on the page in those moments. The end result are poems bursting with colorful language, rare glimpses into the space between slumber and consciousness.

Readers of any of the author’s previous work will know intimately her ability to craft the most particular, precise phrase for a feeling or a moment, and that skill remains on display in this book. There is no lack of quality or quantity in this addendum, offering a cohesive enough experience to stand on its own despite being designed to supplement the aforementioned book. With nearly 100 poems to read, enjoy, and ponder, those who appreciate and study poetry will have quite a bit to digest and reflect upon. The author’s style eschews rhyming for rhythm, knowing how to perfectly establish a cadence that gives each detail gravity, and makes her voice leap off the page into the reader’s mind. Readers of her previous work still hungry for more or those who enjoy an acrobatic vocabulary will devour this book one poem at a time.

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