Weapons of Mass Disablement
by Ionah Arbuthnott

"And once again, we are helping ourselves as God would surely approve. Israeli ingenuity has produced for us not the weapons of mass destruction which our enemies would use against us, but weapons of mass disablement."

In a matter of weeks, Israel is threatened with a multipronged attack of 244,000 guided missiles from Lebanon, Syria, and Gaza. The assault, planned by Iran, will weaken Israel to the point where Iranian troops can invade the country, complete the genocide of the Israeli people, and impose Shiite rule throughout the Middle East. Israel must work quickly to prevent the attack. As part of its military weaponry, Israel possesses the MWG—a microwave gun capable of disabling missiles before they’re launched. Meanwhile, Jonathan, an ailing Australian scientist, has developed a secret weapon—the DMAT—which renders a person and everything it touches invisible. Jonathan recruits Kate, his palliative caretaker, to convince the Israeli prime minister to use the DMAT together with the MWG, a move which will enable Israel to enter enemy territories and disable missiles without detection. But will they be in time to stop a national doomsday from happening?

It is evident that Arbuthnott is knowledgeable of Israel’s relations with her Middle-Eastern neighbors and Western countries. With much of Israel’s present-day politics entering into the scenario, this fictional work, which takes place in the year 2019, parallels reality. Although hatred and destruction permeate the dialogue from Iran, it is countered with hope and idealism in the scientific journey for a secure and peaceful future for Israel. Within the discourse of eminent war, and what could be a catastrophic end to Israel, Arbuthnott softens events by creating an endearing relationship between Jonathan and Kate. A combination of science fiction, Middle-Eastern politics, military affairs, and intelligence operations make this not-so-futuristic book a page-turner.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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