by E.S.E. Bruno

"This morning, in one sentence you destroyed what our families, enemies, racist, and time could not kill..."

With in this novel, the power of star-crossed soulmate love is depicted in a unique presentation bridging all moral restraints. The story also crosses harshly divided cultures that reveal themselves in violence and hatred. Rich African American vernacular is well distributed throughout the work, although partial sentences, typos, misspelled words, and the leap from story to play and back to story is somewhat distracting.

Bruno sketches numerous characters and is quite adept at keeping each personality engaged throughout the play. Dramatic relationships are usually complex, and the ones in this work are certainly no exception. The author demonstrates the sacrifice one can make to save a loved one and how the secret never truly goes away. The protagonists keep the dark secret, until it drives them back into each other's arms. Once the secret is accidentally discovered by a young man studying law, each protagonist is challenged to renew their promise and sets about dealing with the present to create a future that will withstand the prejudice of the times.

The author does a great job demonstrating the human failing as each reacts to the past and is challenged by the future in the name of love. As the two lovers in this story work their way around the obstacles in the early part of their mutual attraction, Bruno shows insight into age old emotions that are forbidden by those closest to them. This is further complicated by the deep secret that no one knows, and even when the truth is out, it is difficult to comprehend the length of silence that has been maintained.

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