Welcome to the Family of God: New Convert Workbook
by Sola Babalola
LitFire Publishing

"Now that you are born again, it is important that you understand the new life you have in Christ Jesus."

Reverend Sola Babalola, Senior Pastor of the Kingdom Pathway Church of Chicago, has created this manual for newly converted Christians. Its purpose is to guide them in understanding the joys and obligations of their “citizenship” in a unique “nation”—the Kingdom of God. Like a newborn child, a person who is born again will need nourishment, Babalola declares. That nourishment comes through obedience to God, through God’s established church, through daily prayer, and through a relationship with the Holy Spirit. In each of the seven chapters there is an explanation of the different parts of this process, offering “study scripts” (Biblical passages) highlighting each step and ending with an “assignment” on lined pages for the reader to fill out, dealing with such pertinent questions as “How has your life changed since you joined the family of God?” The author stresses that in order to be a member in good standing of God’s family you must do the following: truly repent, showing your repentance in your actions; become an active member of a church; commit to church activities including the willingness to be healed when you are sick; and let the Holy Spirit manifest himself through the activities of your new, Christ-centered life.

Babalola is an intelligent writer who has organized his material with admirable attention to detail. His language is simple, with many Biblical statements and stories to underpin each point. He uses graphs and lists to further emphasize the material, and the assignments are designed to provoke thought and inspiration in the reader/participant. His advice feels personal, as though he were talking directly to the reader, doubtless based on his experience of counseling his targeted audience. Without espousing a specific sect of Christianity, the author’s book allows new converts the scope to consider their responsibilities conscientiously within a supportive, faith-based framework.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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