What I Want
by Helen Walters

"Had you not betrayed me, I would not have found out how much I like tasting them. So really, their deaths are on you."

Alice Forbes’ life is everything she wants it to be. She has a great boyfriend, Josh, and has recently made detective. She is mentored by the senior investigator, Leo Mason, and is in pursuit of a new, high-profile serial killer. However, when she finds herself a captive of the killer—a man named Simon Clarke whom she knew as her boyfriend, Josh, and who leaves her with a knife in her side, the knowledge that he is doing it all for her, and that the game has just begun—she will find herself tested in ways she never imagined. Struggling with the love she still has for the man she thought she knew and baited by him as he kidnaps a child and makes plans for a big “gift” for Alice, she can only rely on her training and cunning in this high-stakes thriller.

Walters has her thumb on the pulse of a killer thriller and knows how to quicken the pace. She unveils and intertwines new details at a rapid rate and displays how far seductive charisma can carry a killer. The writing is clean and precise. In an intriguing narrative twist, the main characters are not very likable, make terrible, unethical decisions, and there is more empathy and understanding asked for the killer and his enablers than for the faceless victims. Despite this unusual switch of sympathies, readers who start this book will want to finish it. The dramatic conclusion will leave the reader yearning to discuss it with the first person they see holding the book.

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