What Love Would Say
by Connie Munde
Shepherd Sanctuary Publishing

"You can choose again... and again. Choose love over fear."

With the help of several illustrators and translators, author Connie Munde has created a charmingly conceived short treatise on the meaning and implications of love. In nine languages—English, Spanish, French German, Russian, Hindi, Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese—the book is vividly illustrated with full-page color depictions of the simple but profound text. Pictures range from the symbolic—a pink heart hugging the world, a floating meditator in rainbow hues—to the realistic—a quiet figure sitting by a campfire contemplating the glory of a shooting star or a gardener planting new seedlings. The narrative comprises messages from and about love, and then urges the reader to laugh and be thankful, always remembering that “love is real and exists as energy.”

Munde states that What Love Would Say came to her while praying for peace on earth. The sincerity of the text with its subtle spirituality is not tied to any single religion. It is enhanced by the multilingual repetition of each message, implying unity and equality among human beings. The author, who has garnered a Silver Nautilus Book Award for this attractive, neatly organized work, believes these messages can be a blessing if read daily and can cause real miracles to happen. She and her spouse run a retreat and healing center, indicating her continued interest in this subject matter. She has included a prayerful poem to end the book and constructed a website with further questions regarding the basic ideas expressed in the book.

What Love Would Say is formatted like a children’s book, but would be suitable, as Munde suggests, for infants to ancients, as well as for a readership in nine languages. It would be an engaging study guide for a wide variety of spiritual groups.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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