"When your partner tells you of something a little stupid he or she did someplace, laugh and be happy."

Despite the ever-climbing divorce rates of the modern era, people are always falling in love and committing themselves to each other in marriage every day. So what steps can someone take in order to make their marriage stick where so many others fail? This guide breaks things down step by step, from selecting the right partner, preparing for marriage, to the ceremony itself. It also includes strategies for communicating and compromising well into married life. Every section of this book is full of advice, some of it common sense that needs to be spelled out while the heart chases excitement, other bits things that many wouldn’t think of until they’ve gone through marrying somebody. From sage wisdom to anonymous quotes from husbands and wives who share their secrets, this is the perfect handbook for making it work with the one you love.

As a reference guide, this book is organized with great care and forethought. Each chapter is placed in order to match whatever phase of the relationship or marriage the reader is in and is then broken up into sections that address major concerns or questions and subsections that provide the answers to those queries. The advice put forth is done so in a no-nonsense, accessible way that doesn’t try to spare feelings or dance around the issue when the warning signs of a major issue are beginning to rear its head. The end of the book even discusses the issues that often result in a divorce, and when it is healthy to separate. Applying a great deal of wisdom from scripture and marrying that with tried-and-true methods, this guide to the entirety of romance can point readers toward a workable solution that benefits both partners.

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