What Can I Do Today?
by Rita T. Matz
Trafford Publishing

"The art corner, workbench, and doll corner were always occupied, and little hands were always busy!"

Divided by months of the year, this book provides activities for children no matter the weather or the season. The winter months are more likely to contain activities that can be done inside, such as arts and crafts, while the warmer part of the year includes activities fit for picnics or outdoor play. The finished products will exercise the various kinds of creativity within children, from playing with clay to papercraft, poetry, or musical performance. While some of the ideas should prove to be more complex or difficult than others, by working together or with an adult, children of nearly any age should be able to complete any of the activities contained in this book, no matter what day of the year it happens to be.

The wide spectrum of possibilities for a day well-spent will keep hands both young and old occupied creating works of art to be proud of. Each craft begins with a list of required materials, the vast majority of which are relatively common or low in cost. Step by step instructions follow with suggestions for personalization, including visual aids for more complicated templates or procedures. Though the suggestions are broken up based on the months of the calendar, certain crafts will prove to be so popular that they will be revisited because of how fun they are to complete or how impressive the finished product becomes. This book makes a perfect addition to any classroom, home, or grandparent's bookshelf to help keep children entertained while they visit.

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