What My Dog Taught Me About Jesus
by David Ross Sherman

"In Jenny, hope springs eternal because there is always so much joy in her life."

When the author, a pastor, wanted a dog who would stay with him and listen to him—even to his sermons-in-progress—he thought he needed a purebred animal. But when he met Jenny, a basic “mutt” at the animal shelter, she convinced him that she was the dog he sought. Her excitement at the very sight of him was unabated until he finally agreed to take her home. She had been in the shelter for more than a year. Her long period of deprivation made her obvious joy at being with him seem by contrast like a pure gift from Jesus. Her wish to please her master, her obedience (without “treats”), and her utter trust in him are qualities that have given Sherman food for serious spiritual thought.

Sherman writes about Jenny with affection, using her enthusiasms as well as her needs and fears as examples of how we humans might be seen by Jesus, who loves us despite our weaknesses. His stories of Jenny "praying," her adjustment to the cats in the house, and her constant watching to see if he is going "outside" (her favorite word) provide both humor and a basis for contemplation. Interspersed in his narrative of life with his dog are a few endearing photographs of Jenny and numerous Bible verses providing further substantiation of his belief that, as a dog is to a human owner, a human is to Jesus. He is careful not to stretch this comparison too thin, though, always returning to the simple love he and his canine companion share, and how observing her has given him insight into his faith life. Animal lovers will appreciate the deep affection and understanding that Sherman has developed with Jenny, and his book could provide rich material for religious study groups.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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