What the Bible Says About the Human Soul
by Dr. Reginald Noel
Trafford Publishing

"The 'fruit' that comes from knowledge in the heart, is the all important factor that determines the final destination of the souls in the afterlife."

For many generations people have wondered what the Bible says exactly about the human soul. Do we have souls? What is it? What happens to our souls when we die? What the Bible Says About the Human Soul addresses these questions and more. Dr. Noel uses extensive scripture references to back up the theories presented in this book. It is very evident that Dr. Noel is profoundly knowledgeable on this subject matter. While the book itself is small in pages (about 33 pages), it is filled with profound insight and commentary on Bible passages. Dr. Noel discusses what happens to souls after death depending on what the scripture says upon the matter.

The layout of the book is a little jumbled together with the scripture in italics. Different words are in bold, and there does not seem to be a pattern to this notation. There is more scripture in this book than there is commentary. It is almost as if Dr. Noel took out every scripture that mentioned soul, or anything related to soul, to use in the book. This creates an imbalance in proof versus narrative explanation. It is hard to feel like the reader is learning something new. At the end is a section for note-taking, possibly for the use in a small group study. The book would be a lot stronger with developed narrative/commentary on the scripture. Great potential, this book appears to be more discussion prompt than actually discussion..

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