"The battle of Armageddon is the climax of the spiritual war that has been raging between Yahweh and Satan since the beginning."

Hasler’s answer to the question posed in the title is made clear from the first few pages of this treatise on current events as indicators of the “Biblical End Times.” Hasler, in a series of thoughts and proclamations, begins with the “Brexit debacle” as evidence that we are living in the end times. Hasler then moves quickly from Brexit to climate change to regional wars as more catalysts for instability in the world which will make way for biblical prophecies to be fulfilled. These prophecies are explained along with brief dips into the history of Israel, the story of the Nazarene Rabbi, and a final call to action to secure eternal life.

This exploration of the end times is presented with strong conviction and absolute certainty in the face of troubling news events and worrying trends related to unpredictable weather events and depleting resources. Hasler writes with vigorous belief in the word of God as prophetic and unwavering in the chaos and condemnation described in Revelation as well as in the hope of peace and eternal life for all those who keep Yahweh’s commandments. Hasler does not include the actual biblical text, but he does direct readers to specific passages that support his explanations and ideas. He grounds his thinking in the Old and New Testaments, covering a wide range of books of the Bible in defense of his belief in the coming final judgment.

People seeking a biblical interpretation of the seismic events taking place in the world today will be rewarded by Hasler’s analysis. He is straightforward in his approach and is not weighed down in scholarly ambitions or sophisticated theology. The sparse, fragmented text drills down quickly to the main ideas of what is happening to our world today with a resounding biblical explanation.

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