What's Next?
by Bobby Bell
Lettra Press LLC

"Sausage and hash-browns for the boys, little pancakes the shape of Mickey Mouse for Jackie, eggs Benedict for Naomi, and chicken fingers and waffles for Russ."

Russell and Naomi are on the road with their children to visit an ailing grandfather when, while stopped at a restaurant, three-year-old Jackie is snatched up by a couple of misfits named Melvin and Darlene who are on the run from the law. In the process, Naomi is brutally attacked and ends up being sent to the hospital. Soon, FBI agents are staked out at the scene, working in concert with the local tribal police, and are in constant contact with the parents of the missing toddler. What ensues is a complex narrative involving police action, an un-certified “hospital,” run-ins from the law, horrified parents sickened by the smuggling of their little Jackie, and an older brother of the missing girl named Anthony (eight years old), who seemingly has paranormal capabilities which allow him to “see” where his little sister has been taken.

A riveting and action-filled tale of kidnapping, human smuggling, and fetal organ harvesting, Bell’s vibrant book lives up to its title. The reader is kept highly engaged, never knowing exactly what will happen next. Although some additional editing for grammar and syntax errors would enhance the effectiveness of the prose, the author’s passion comes shining through on each and every page. The action of the plot moves along at a nice, relatively fast pace, keeping the reader’s attention throughout the entire book. The dialogue is realistic, and the characters are fleshed out nicely. Bell weaves a compelling story of heartbreak and, ultimately, justice, which propels the reader through a thick plot of terror and intrigue.

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