"If one has an immortal soul already, there would be no need for Christ’s death and resurrection."

The Christian faith is a complex belief system, incorporating the Bible, history, and tradition. It is one thing to believe and have faith, but quite another to explain beliefs in a way that others can understand, which this book of Christian apologetics attempts to do. It deals with topics ranging from creation, salvation, the Trinity, the existence of Hell, and prophecy. Broken down into 35 rather short chapters, the book tackles several complicated topics in bite-sized pieces. While the book could be read from cover to cover, it is probably intended to be read and studied chapter by chapter. Many of the Bible verse references are not written out. Therefore, it might be useful to have a Bible handy while reading the book.

Most of the book generally corresponds to the worldview of the majority of Protestant Christian denominations, but there are a few sections that are not part of mainstream doctrine. For example, the book argues that Hell is a figurative place instead of a real place. It also argues that everyone will be offered a chance at salvation after they die at the final judgment, and that very few would turn down this offer.

The book is written for readers who have a fairly good grasp of biblical doctrine as each chapter dives right into the subject without much of an introduction to the topic, something that might be confusing to those who are unfamiliar with core Christian beliefs. However, each topic is well researched and documented, and each argument is backed up with Bible verses. Also, the original Greek or Hebrew words are often looked at for their original meanings, a feature which adds even more depth to the book.

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