WillPower Now
by Will Harris
WillPower Press

"Not only are you in control, you are the creator of your destiny. Destiny is the destination you'll come to find, if you continue on the same path."

Will Harris focuses on the three aspects that everyone wants to improve on in his inspirational book, WillPower Now: at home (personal life); at work (career) and at the bank (finances). Before showing how to increase your value in these three specific areas, Harris first describes willpower as "the measurement of your ability to correctly select a path and stay on it." With this definition, Harris sets the tone that destiny is something we create ourselves and willpower is not something we just have or don't have, but something we can hone, a skill like any other.

Part one of the book arms the reader with weapons for their own personal revolutions. The three weapons for honing one's willpower are destiny, determination, and drive. The first weapon entails deciphering who you are and who you want to be thus laying the path for you to follow. The second two weapons will ensure you reach your destination by providing hope and motivation to overcome any challenges or hardships along the way.

Parts two through four outline how to use these weapons and the knowledge of your destiny to increase your wellbeing in your personal life, your career and financially. More than simple motivation, Harris walks the reader through the steps necessary to reach their goals or to simply live a more meaningful life. These sections can be seen as half training and half inspiration as the reader is shown how to move into action and thus take control of their lives. WillPower Now will give anyone who is feeling a little stuck in their life or wishes for a radical change the tools and encouragement to move forward in a positive direction.

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