The Wisdom of White Wing: Volume 2
interpreted by Donald M. T. McQueen
Trafford Publishing

"You are masters first of all of your thoughts and emotions, then of your nerves, then of your environment, then of your circumstances all of them."

Deeply esoteric in its explanation of what constitutes and connects the body, soul and spirit, this surprisingly timeless Q &A is the compilation of a Canadian group's twenty-eight years of communication, via a channeler, with a spirit named White Wing. Published more than a half-century after the sessions ended in 1955, some of the 254 questions and answers, such as those about prohibition and the League of Nations, are long outdated. But most remain relevant. One overarching idea prevails: The physical body is of negligible, temporal importance. Of far more importance are the etheric, or psychic, body; the soul, which holds an eternity of amassed experiences and memories, and is the real "you"; and the spirit, an inexplicably indefinable being whose work includes amassing all that makes up the soul. In short, what truly matters is what happens on a non-physical level. If you can come to a full awareness of your inner self, all things are possible. You can avoid physical disease. You can see brilliant colors only viewable by the soul. And in a sharp turn away from mainstream religious thought, you will come to understand that God is not a physical entity perched above, but something inside you.

The topics broadly sweep from religious doctrine to astrology, love, consciousness, dream interpretation, reincarnation, ethics, clairvoyance and communicating with those who have passed on, with occasional odd tangents such as the cause of earthquakes. This is a difficult read, best approached slowly and over time, perhaps in one or two questions per sitting. The original group, after all, absorbed it over three decades. But with the appropriate amount of focused contemplation, the answers will linger and will challenge commonly held perspectives. Well worth the work required to get through it.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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