Woman: A Collection of Short Stories
by V. P. Evans
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"You may not believe it, but the pain of our soul reaches depths that physical pain cannot."

This collection of short stories addresses horrendous practices throughout the world that affect the lives of girls and women. Consisting of only 54 pages, one might assume it is a light read; however, the tales within this short book are anything but light. Female genital mutilation, breast ironing, rape, adolescent marriage, and sex trafficking are addressed in five separate stories preceded by a relevant quote beginning with each letter from the word woman. These are beautifully written stories which delve into some of the darkest of atrocities against women. Set in different countries and featuring female characters who are different culturally—but similar in that they each face a fate that is not of their choosing—each story is a heart-wrenching tale of struggle and the human capacity for hope in the face of unbearable circumstances.

Evans has written an important book which should be read by everyone concerned with human rights. Though the subject matter is disturbing, the writing is filled with beautiful passages and a richness of language. This use of lovely language to tell of such ugly truths can be seen as a metaphor for the harms done against innocent females. It must also be stated that although he is a male author, Evans manages to seamlessly get inside the mind and psyche of his female characters. He writes effectively from the female perspective, grasping nuances and mannerisms which lend authenticity to each story. It is a commendable feat for a first-time author, and it is one which leaves an impression. Readers won’t want to miss this one and will find themselves wanting more from this author.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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