"Anyone who does not know how to be intimate, and love and be loved, is a moron, in my book. Or at the least, a limited frightened pathetic excuse for a human being."

Hubschman’s book explores issues related to relationships, love, sex, fun, and healing. There are 151 short chapters, most of them beginning and ending with quotes from others. The first section is about “LIFE,” and its chapters focus on living, happiness, children, types of "smarts,” stupid people, therapists, having a bad day, friends, jackasses, sibling rivalry, and the non-existence of perfection. Section I I– “SEX,” explores what's new about sex, listening techniques for guys, gay/transgender, pornography, passion, selfish lovers, sex is in the head, sensuality, and being alone by choice. Section III – “LOVE,” examines beauty, fair fighting, assertiveness, absence, showing that love is not for the weak of heart, games, broken hearts, relationship roles, ending the relationship, styles of marriage, and talking to one another. The book offers many insights into developing and maintaining healthy relationships.

Written in a humorous manner, the author has an engaging writing style which is easy to follow. As a therapist who focuses on relationships and sexuality education, there is a lot of helpful information in all three of the sections. The book is a compilation of her blog essays, so you can actually pick up and read any chapter at any time. The sex roles are somewhat traditionally defined (i.e. "When you find a woman who is not driven in that fashion [to be loved by a man and rear children] she usually has a lot of testosterone and is not what I would call feminine.") While she notes acceptance of LGBT relationships, this is a book solely for heterosexual couples. However, within the wisdom, there also is a lack of acceptance for other beliefs, and the author’s use of negative terminology might tip the scale for some readers who don't want to be belittled. If one can overlook this, the book is an entertaining read.

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