Workout Your Soul
by Sonia Singh

"The keys to your peace within is governed by your own deeds every moment every day."

A spiritual book of 85 pages and 17 chapters, the initial focus is on universal religion, which is explained as a journey with the Almighty. The author believes that all religions are the same as are the routes to God: goodness and compassion. Good deeds, loving one another, good intentions, and counting your blessings are the ways leading to a blessed life. The seventeen chapters include: thinking as being, destiny/karma, goodness, the power of truth, self-worth/self-respect, and the untamed ego. Other chapters explore negative thinking, the beauty of giving, security, money, grudges, reaching out and bonding, the power of prayer, and discipline and character. The last chapters focus on love and responsibilities, insinuation and hurting, and forgiveness, followed by a three-page index.

A simplistic book on universal faith, it is easily read and understood. The author notes she wrote this for her children, and it would be a good read for children, teens, and those looking for basic solutions. With a premise that all humans have one religion (goodness and compassion) and with a focus on a patriarchal God, the belief system is about having an unshakable peace through God. Ego is often problematic, for, "Where ego resides, no humility, love of truthfulness, and compassion (or in short, no God) can be found." Karma is defined as, "What goes around comes around." The book also focuses on the traditional family and the importance of these premises in raising children. These platitudes are reminders of how we can change our lives, the lives of others, and lead exemplary lives for God. If you want a basic feel-good book, this will meet your needs as it can be quickly digested.

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