World Football Domination: The Virtual Talent Scout, Volume One
by Anthony Ranieri
Kindle Direct Publishing

"The principle that underpins the foundation of the system is fairness. Every football player has a right to showcase their talent if they feel motivated to do so."

In this first book in the author’s series, it is the year 2050, and football as we know it no longer exists. A man named Gunnar Grimsson has invented the Player Virtual Identification System, which allows scouts from all over the world access to player information in even the most remote areas of the globe. The device collects information, which can be analyzed extensively, ostensibly to even out the playing field. In other words, even those players who cannot afford the time or money to travel to scouting locations can be recognized for their talent. Further, the system can recommend players for specific positions and even suggest player changes mid-game based on these algorithms. But once Gunnar and Robby notice that other nations are trying to mess with the intelligence, they set out on an adventure to support their dreams of an equal opportunity sport for people from all across the world.

This book is fast-paced and easy to read. It’s a truly interesting story about a sport that is rarely written about in a futuristic, technology-enhanced world. The author seamlessly weaves the modern quest for gridiron glory into the future in this entertaining book. The new technology is kept just on this side of believable, and the descriptions are precise enough to feel as if the Player Virtual Identification System could really be the new wave of sport recruiting. The author’s novel should appeal to lovers of sports, science fiction, and technology alike, and it is sure to keep readers interested at every turn of the page.

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