You're A Worthwhile Person in More Ways Than A Million!
by Simeon W. Johnson
PageTurner Press and Media

"[E]very man or woman, no matter what their occupation, is a worthwhile person in more ways than a million."

The media today bombards the American public with images of the rich and famous—people living charmed lives and supposedly achieving great things. U.S. society worships such individuals, and countless research studies have pointed out that envy and dissatisfaction are commonplace emotions for a vast majority of people. However, in this collection, Johnson takes the time to remind readers that this is not the whole story. What the media offers is a skewed and deeply flawed picture that fails to celebrate the ordinary men and women who help make the world go round. This compilation offers up stories drawn from the lives of such common people—bus drivers, baggage handlers, hairdressers, fishmongers—as they help keep New York City ticking along. Each story is not only a deeply entertaining glimpse into a fascinating life but also a reminder that everyone is interconnected, and each life is special, important, and unique.

Johnson's compilation is a beautiful volume in so many ways. The stories themselves are heartwarming, reminding readers that the people and experiences many people disparage and take for granted are complex, joyful, and fascinating. At the same time, Johnson's message is critical. There is so much research demonstrating that striving for unattainable perfection is detrimental to mental health and happiness. The author's book encourages readers to break that trend, embrace satisfaction, and celebrate themselves. The stories are also beautifully written, with lively prose that gives life to the myriad characters. Overall, this is an outstanding collection and well worth diving into.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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