eMaya on Climate Control:
How to Stop Global Warming
by Dilip Dahanukar Trafford Publishing

"Bitsy, Miki, and Guhu began to pool their knowledge together and build up the various arguments and test their strengths."

Whether a reader likes this book or not will depend entirely on what that reader expects to get out of it. It's designation as a science fiction novel may have individuals expecting to read a story. While there are story elements included, the text leans more heavily toward an imaginative yet researched conversation among three artificial intelligences about climate change and how to stop humanity's negative impact on the planet.

Dahanukar clearly spent a lot of time researching the concepts behind climate change and what can be done to halt the negative path our society has been following. Each chapter explores a different important topic including how to provide for current and growing electricity needs, how to reduce the burning of fossil fuels, and how to address growing concerns over the world's food supply.

The author introduces these topics through the voices of three computer 'minds', each taking on a different role in the conversation. Uncle Guhu typically introduces the topics while the young Miki asks questions to clarify and elaborate on the main point. Bitsy is the instigator of the group and it is through her that the computer consortium is able to pull in human voices and opinions without revealing their true identities.

As imaginative as the idea is, the story framing leaves most of the text space devoted to instructional-level discussion among the characters. Reading through from cover to cover does provide some fact-based ideas regarding how to address the major issues facing our world today, but readers will desire doing additional research on their own to verify concepts and explore alternatives.

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