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Authors and publishers are praising the US Review of Books:

David Dorrough

An author often faces the dilemma of choosing a trustworthy reviewer for their book. I was advised by a company I collaborate with to consider The US Review of Books. I found the review to be satisfying in capturing the essence of the story. The tips provided by the US Review on how to use my review for more exposure to my book were also valuable to me. I am thankful for their support.

- Jules Bloom, Quiana's New Family: Dealing with Adoption

Michael Thomas Perone

More than any other professional review publication, The US Review of Books absolutely nailed the personalities of my three main characters. Their reviewer also really understood my novel and the nuances of the story. I would recommend The US Review of Books to any authoror reader, for that matterseeking an insightful review.

- Michael Thomas Perone, Déjà View

David Dorrough

The US Book Review of Books beautifully captured the essence of my book. They understood its uniqueness in the wellbeing and personal development space, especially the integration of camera phone photography and journaling to explore and better understand one's happiness. The review delved into the main features of each chapter, highlighting the relevance of my background as an Emmy-winning TV producer, world traveler, and my studies in happiness. ... Thank you.

- Maria Baltazzi, PhD, MFA, Take a Shot at Happiness: How to Write, Direct & Produce the Life You Want

David Dorrough

I've read about two dozen reviews of my book, and the US Review of Books shines far above all the rest—not because it doles out praise (which is plentiful elsewhere and nearly worthless without proper context), but because it cuts right to the heart of everything the book is really about and does so in such a smooth, easy, articulate fashion. I felt as if the reviewer had read my mind rather than my book! She just "got it" so perfectly. Authors should take advantage of the US Review, because it offers clear, thoughtful, truly insightful description, analysis, and appraisal of their books. And readers should too, for the very same reason.

- David Dorrough, Revolution

joan Kantor

I couldn’t be more impressed with The US Review of Books’ services. From the minute I began to consider working with US Review, communications have been handled in a timely and extremely helpful manner. The review was well written, thorough, and insightful. No question I ask is treated as unimportant and each one is answered clearly and carefully. I’ve dealt with other review services before, but never experienced such a high level of professionalism and caring customer service.

- Joan Kantor, Filling in the Black: One Woman’s Journey of Re-education

Mark Newhouse

I am extremely grateful for the personal and professional way in which my concerns were addressed by the editorial team. I feel the reviewer was fully invested in the suspense and emotions of my book. ... I am proud to post this review and recommend The US Review of Books to all my writer and book-lover friends. Thank you so much.

- Mark Newhouse, The Devil's Bookkeepers: Book 3

Gary J. Kirchner

I have been very impressed with the professionalism and competence of everyone I've dealt with at The US Review of Books. Their communications are consistently prompt, clear, and courteous. They have a good product, and they know it! I really appreciate an intelligent and effective review, and the one I received was excellent. The reviewer's understanding of the nuances I was trying to get across was spot on. I recommend The US Review of Books without reservation to any author. I will most certainly avail myself of their services in the future.

- Gary J. Kirchner, Cromby's Axiom

Nancy Christie

I was very gratified by the professional review provided by The US Review of Books for my award-winning short story collection. His comments indicated that he “got” my book: what I was trying to portray and how the individual stories, while separate, were linked by a common thread. I was also pleased that he singled out the title story for more in-depth praise. I know that having a book receive a positive review from The US Review of Books is significant, and I appreciate not only the excellent choice of reviewer but also the professionalism and efficient turnaround demonstrated by your company.

- Nancy Christie, Peripheral Visions and Other Stories

Corrine Ardoin

I am so glad I looked into getting a review with The US Review of Books. They have treated me respectfully, have done everything to create the best opportunities for me in advancing, promoting, and getting the word out about my novel. When an author sends their book in for a review, the one that they will receive, like mine, will be the kind we all hope for—one that is thoughtful, respectful, and shows the author that the reviewer truly understands their story and its message.

- Corrine Ardoin, Mothers of Pine Way

Mardi Harjo

With the utmost appreciation, I commend The US Review of Book's insightful review of my literary work. Particularly pleasing to me was the manner in which some of the more significant topics and questions addressed in the book were targeted and brought to the forefront. Thanks as well for the reviewer's comments that clarify what differentiates my book from others in its category. All applause is due to The US Review for its business integrity, prompt communicative responses, and selective choice of reviewers who can relate to a book's specific genre.

- Mardi Harjo, Who's Controlling You?

Tolu' A. Akinyemi

The US Review of Books towers high amongst review providers. I was super impressed with the review of my poetry collection. The review itself was poetic and makes for great reading, and the reviewer was a great fit for the genre. I will knock on your door to review some of my other titles very soon. Highly rated!

- Tolu' A. Akinyemi, Never Marry a Writer

William Cook

My experience with The US Review of Books could not have been better. I am delighted with the review itself. Joe Kilgore clearly enjoys the genre and his glowing review will surely boost my book's popularity. In addition, I was very impressed with the prompt turn around time. I am certain I will use your service again, and I will recommend it to all my writer friends. Color me happy!

- William Cook, Dungeness and Dragons: A Driftwood Mystery

Bronwyn Rodden

I was so pleased with the enthusiastic response to my novel from your reviewer. After so many years of work, it's great to know that it has been worth the effort! Thank you!

- Bronwyn Rodden, Orphan Rock, Moon and the Sea, The Crushers, Short Fiction for an Absurd World

B T Keaton

The US Review of Books was everything this writer could've hoped for in a review service—honest, discerning, and punctual as promised. As a debut novelist, I feel like I'm in very good hands with them, and I will undoubtedly utilize their services again in the future. Thank you so much!

- Brandon T. Keaton, Transference

Ron Fritsch

I've published eight novels in the last nine years. I'm not a writer who sticks to any one genre. Even so, The US Review of Books has provided prompt, honest, and insightful reviews of each of them. The US Review of Books knows how to connect what I've written to a reviewer who sees what I'm attempting to do. And that's precisely what any writer should want.

- Ron Fritsch, The Lord Chamberlain's Daughter, Cordelia Lionheart, Promised Valley Rebellion, Promised Valley War, Promised Valley Conspiracy, and Promised Valley Peace

Craig Leener

There's a lot to like about this service, including great communication, thought-provoking analytical reviews and a no-nonsense business model. Best of all is that when I read the company's summary of my work, I learned things about my own novel that I had never considered—and I don't know whether there'shigher praise than that.

- Craig Leener, All Roads Lead to Lawrence

Margaret Blair

For my first two books, both set in 1930s Shanghai, I had reviews from two major publications and was delighted to achieve a "recommended" status from both. However, I found that the US Review of Books reviewer was a better writer. So I now go with the US Review of Books only.

- Margaret Blair, Gudao, Lone Islet; Shanghai Scarlet; and Shaman

Marie Mera

What a great service you offer! The communication was good from the start to the end. I was surprised and overjoyed when I received the review. I didn’t expect it so soon. The reviewer really understands my characters and the essence of my book. He summarized it beautifully. Because English is not my primary language, I am truly fascinated by the elegance of the vocabulary used in the review. I would recommend the US Review to any writer. Thank you very much.

- Marie-Ghislaine Mera, The Two Germaines

Len Joy

I am very pleased with my experience with US Review. They provided a quick response, great review, and I've had lots of good feedback and even some book sales. The reviewer—a successful novelist—provided a thorough insightful review in less than two weeks. I was able to use the review effectively in several promotions.

- Len Joy, Better Days


Katerina Stoykova

I was both pleased and impressed with The US Review of Books during every step of the process. The communication, the organization and the service were excellent. I am humbled by the depth of the review and thankful for the kind words about my work.

- Katerina Stoykova, Second Skin


Al E Boy

I was informed my book review would likely take 3-4 weeks. One day shy of three weeks a well-written, insightful review was being posted. It covered not only the main gist and message of the story, but also gave mention to some of the lesser characters, as well. I was very happy with the review and could easily see that the reviewer had carefully read every page. Well done, US Review!

- Al E. Boy, The Adventures of Fawn Boy


Kenneth Saltzman

Your review fully exemplifies the thoughtful analysis, insight, and professionalism of The US Review of Books. Any writer has to be pleased to have such a careful and knowledgeable reader.

- Kenneth Saltzmann, The Last Jazz Fan


Ron Fritsch

I've submitted all seven of my novels to The US Review of Books, and I've never been disappointed. My most recent review perfectly illustrates why their publication is such an important resource for a writer. It isn't difficult for reviewers to say they like, or dislike, a book. It takes a lot of thought and time, though, for reviewers to intelligently discuss every important aspect of the book. And that's what The US Review of Books does. And that's what convinces readers to give my books a try.

- Ron Fritsch, Cordelia Lionheart, Promised Valley Rebellion, Promised Valley War, Promised Valley Conspiracy, and Promised Valley Peace


Aimee Cabo Nikolov

That was an amazing review. Really touched my heart, Really depicted my story, very deep understanding of my book and my feelings.

- Aimee Cabo Nikolov, Love is the Answer, God is the Cure

Tantra Bensko

I adore my reviews from The US Review of Books. The reviewers understand exactly what I'm going for and target the reviews to the specific audience, compelling readers to desire the book. The reviewers are intelligent, well-read, articulate and generous. The ordering process is streamlined and predictable. I'm proud to show off the RECOMMENDED stickers on my novels.

- Tantra Bensko, Encore, Remember to Recycle, and Glossalalia

John Brennan

I had gotten reviews for some of my work before and, for the most part was left somewhat disappointed. This time however, I am delighted to say my review from the US Review of Books was a welcome surprise. The reviewer had obviously read the book in depth, and his remarks nailed exactly my goals in writing the book. I will be pleased to promote and advertise the US Review to friends and colleagues alike. Thank you.

- John Brennan, Turn Out the Light

Lynne McKelvey

I’m delighted with Joe Kilgore’s perceptive and literate review of my first novel. Kilgore not only “got” my book, he even brought to light some thematic threads that had been lodged in my subconscious. ... I was also pleased and impressed with the on point, kind, courteous, and timely exchanges I experienced with the US Review editors before, during, and after the submission of my book.

- Lynne McKelvey, A Real Daughter

John Di Frances

I am extremely pleased with the book review service provided the US Review of Books. Working together has been very smooth and easy for a time crunched author. I belong to several writers' associations, and I will be sharing this positive experience with my colleagues and recommending your services. As to the review by Joe Kilgore, I could not have been more pleased. Obviously, receiving a very positive review was wonderful. However, what really impressed me was the depth of his review. ...

- John Di Frances, Pretense

Zia U Ahmed

As an avid reader of books, I always depend on insightful comments by professional critics. The introduction and critical appreciation of my book shows keen sense of perception and comprehensive grasp of the subject by the reviewer and a job well done within the space allowed. Thanks, US Review of Books. - Zia U. Ahemd, A Bridge with Three Spans

Barry Finlay

This is the second of my books to be reviewed by the US Review of Books and I am pleased to say that the reviewers provided thorough and well thought out reviews for both. ... In my opinion, a professional review really helps to kick start a launch, and the reviewers at the US Review of Books will give you their honest opinion.

- Brian Finlay, Remote Access & A Perilous Question

Judy Salz

As a first time published author, it is so gratifying to have my book thoughtfully reviewed and recommended by Megan Bain of The US Review of Books. It provides a valuable service to authors and to the public trying to decide what to read among the many published books available. Thank you!

- Judy Salz, Worthy

John Patrick

The US Review of Books provides a convenient and streamlined way for authors to connect with professional book reviewers.  The USR has a cadre of experienced independent reviewers, but the USR guidelines result in the reviews having some consistency of format and length. This is nice for authors who have more than one book. Although, they do not guarantee a review will result in a recommendation, Election AttitudeHealth Attitude , and Net Attitude were all recommended. I was pleased with the reviews.

- John Patrick, Health Attitude, Election Attitude, Health Attitude

Amanda Woods

I'm new to the published book author world so I was thankful when I came upon The US Review of Books. The information was clear and concise on how to get started to submit a book for review. There were no questions left unanswered, and the review was delivered within the estimated time frame. The review was clear and concise, and I felt that it conveyed my book in a way that I would have myself. I'm very proud of my review and thankful for the time it took to put it together.

- Amanda Woods, The Robot and the Ballerina

Margarita Meklina

The US Review was professional and pleasant to deal with from start to finish. My reviewer and I were a good match: We both have travelled the world, and I trusted that she could understand my multi-cultural fiction. Later she discovered (and described for my potential readers) new angles to my collection of short stories, which made me surprised and elated. Thanks for the efficient service!

- Margarita Meklina, A Sauce Stealer

Dominik Poleski

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to The US Review of Books for their utmost professional service throughout the process. They were able to accurately capture the essence of my novel, with all its intricate details, the prevailing atmosphere of the narrative and distinctive attributes of the main characters. I'm very happy with the final outcome, the review itself. I'm certain, I will be back with my next book. Well done. Thank you.

- Dominik Poleski, The Jew (Based on a True Story)

Joshua Aaron Landeros

The service provided by The US Review of Books is both timely and professional. The reviewers clearly read the book thoroughly and make sure to get a good grasp on the concepts presented within. This attention to detail is highly appreciated, and I will definitely come to the site again for reviews of my future works.

- Joshua Aaron Landeros, Reverence

Dave Droge

Thanks for taking the time and effort to review my rather complicated book. The review was delivered on time, and more important, the content shows skills in understanding and putting this experience in a few dense lines, making it knowable to a broader audience. Small press has an important role in society, I strongly believe, and the US Review of Books fulfils this need to keep society free and democratic, with heterogeneous opportunities.

- Dave Dröge, The Game Changer

Brian Wilson

Thank you for the positive review on my first novel—a spy thriller. For a writer, honest feedback is important and I appreciated an earlier review by US Review of Books for my short stories where I received a recommended rating.

- Brian Wilson, Operation Iran

Dean Zeviar

The US Review of Books by way of J. Duffield had to pierce my soul, revealing the pain and joy I hid from public, but was willing to share through creative writing. Duffield,s penetrating eyes analyzed the meaning behind the comma; the words; the structure; the topic; and the feelings behind the poems. As I wrote, I could not help but think of this bible verse: Mark 10:15 ... As I read the review, tears of joy arose to the surface like water, for all eyes to see, including me. I felt warm as the tears had flowed; it was confirmation of my relationship with my Creator. Thank you, US Review for being the conduit for my Father's message....

- Dean Zeviar formerly know as Earnest Navar Williams, A Poet's Diary 1

Larry Crane

I am very pleased with my review, mainly because I feel that readers of his review will get a succinct and insightful take on the book that I would like every reader to have as they embark on this reading experience. The rapid turnaround of eight days from receipt of the book to finished review was extraordinary. A review is sometimes a joyful occasion for a writer, and sometimes not. It's especially nice when the reviewer nails it.

- Larry Crane, Missing Girls

Murray Lee Eiland, Jr

There are many online sites that give routinely glowing reviews of books. There are a few highly priced sites that also delight in providing faintly positive reviews of indie books. The US Review of Books is different. They provide a real reader, and a real critique outlining the strengths and weaknesses of your book. I am proud to quote my review.

- Murray Lee Eiland Jr., The Emperor of Babylon

Amber Spradlin

Thank you for the comprehensive and engaging review. I am honored that my book was well received. I am pleased with the high level of service provided by the US Review of Books and will certainly recommend this service to my colleagues.

- Amber Spradlin,Thumperino Superbunny and the Mummy's Curse

Meredith Marple

Many thanks to the US Review of Books for their ultra-professional approach to the whole review process. Instructions were clear and complete, and when I did need to point out a glitch with something, it was handled immediately... by a real person. Also a heartfelt thank you to the reviewer for bestowing a "RECOMMENDED" rating on my debut novel.

- Meredith Marple, The Year Mrs. Cooper Got Out More

Ron Fritsch

The US Review of Books has reviewed my five novels. Each of the reviews has been a perceptive, thorough, and honest description and appraisal of the book I wrote. Each has also been a joy to read and a pleasure to post on my website and wherever else I can. I mailed my most recent novel to the reviewer on August 1. Amazingly, I received her review on August 12. I highly RECOMMEND The US Review of Books to all writers.

- Ron Fritsch, Elizabeth Daleiden on Trial, Promised Valley Rebellion, Promised Valley War, Promised Valley Conspiracy, and Promised Valley Peace

Tanya J Peterson

I continue to use The US Review of Books with each book published. I started using this service when I was an indie author, and I'm still doing so as a traditionally published author. The US Review is highly respected in the industry and carries weight with readers because of its objective, honest, and thorough book reviews. Their service is professional, fast, and personable. I give them my Recommended rating!

- Tanya J. Peterson, Twenty-Four Shadows

Teri Metcalf

The reviewer had clearly read the entire book, and his review gave me fresh insight into my story and into my experiences. The turnaround time has been exceptional. A month after putting my book in the mail, the review was completed. A few hours after giving my approval to publish, the review was posted on the US Review website. And a few minutes after I tweeted the review on Twitter, US Review had re-tweeted it. Thank you, US Review of Books!

- Teri Metcalf, Rambler Rose

Marylee MacDonald

When the US Review of Books posted the review for my debut novel, Montpelier Tomorrow, I saw an immediate bump in sales. Now, with Bonds of Love & Blood going to press, I’m returning to the US Review of Books because exposure on their site helps me find readers. Onward!

- Marylee MacDonald, Bonds of Love & Blood & Montpelier Tomorrow

Rona Simmons

What a delight!  The US Review provided a remarkably insightful review and completed the review sooner than promised, exceeding my expectations on both accounts. Besides taking advantage of the US Review provided social media links, I am making the most of the review on my own platform.  Many, many thanks.  

- Rona Simmons, Postcards from Wonderland

Connie Chappell

I have nothing but praise for The US Review of Books and its reviewer. The process was streamlined and quick. This highly professional review drilled every mark with precision, from characters to backstory, all the emotion, even the wit. The review itself was entertaining. It's value is true gold. Thank you, US Review of Books.

- Connie Chappell, Wild Raspberries

John J. Parrino

USR's First Chapter Reviews is a unique way for authors to get their books quickly assessed by professional reviewers. It took less than a week to receive feedback, and the reviewer beautifully captured the humorous tone I tried to create in the complex relationship between the rebellious, young Joey and Big Nana, his suffocating Sicilian grandmother. And then the bonus: The first chapter is instantly available, to be consumed like a tantalizing antipasto before a fine Italian feast.

- John J. Parrino, Ph. D (pen name Joey Tormino), Big Nana and Joey  

M. Duda

I want to thank the US Review and [the reviewer] for such an excellent service. The book review is well written: The reviewer's insight and understanding of fiction is quite impressive. When he alludes to my story strengths and weaknesses, it's as if he reads my mind! But, it's not easy for starting writers to find such a good service, a service that will understand and appreciate emerging writers. This writer is so glad to have discovered The US Review of Books.

- M.Duda, Bedtime for Seneca

Kerry L. Barger

I am so very pleased with the review and recommendation of my latest book. The Editor of USR is always a pleasure to work with. Honestly, when having been asked what my book was about by potential readers, I have been beside myself in attempting to provide a suitable response. ... Henceforth, I will simply refer them to this review. I also appreciate how the US Review of Books gets the word out about my new releases to thousands of potential readers/reviewers on their publication, Goodreads, Facebook, and Twitter. Thanks again to the US Review!

- Kerry L. Barger, Darla the Muse

Plum McCauley

The reviews at US Review of Books are on par with Kirkus if not better. There are some sites out there that charge enormous prices and are amateurish, even poorly written. (Read some of their reviewsyou'll see what I mean.) Before signing up for a review, I read many of your reviews. They seemed to be well-written without exception. ... I also like the fact that your reviewers often address language. I work on the prose like I'm writing poetry, and I'd like someone to at least comment on that!

- Plum McCauley, It All Started with a Bicycle

Cortina Jackson

I was very pleased with the review. It really increased my presence on social media, and I highly recommend the U.S Review of Books for any author. Thank you so much!

- Cortina Jackson, On Hell As It Is On Earth

Gene Hull

I'd like to thank the U.S. Review of Books for your cogent review. It managed to hit the ball smack dab in the middle—right out of the park. Your talented reviewer obviously read the collection carefully and managed to glean, not only the real meaning of the poems, but also the inspiration for each.... I am truly impressed, surprised, elated, encouraged and grateful.

- Gene Hull, The Sun God is a Ham

Bronwyn Rodden

I'm so thrilled with my review in US Review. While the book will have to stand on its own merits, this well-written piece has given an obscure writer from a far country a chance to reach an audience I may never otherwise have had. Thank you.

-Bronwyn Rodden, Short Fiction for an Absurd World

Randall Drake

The review from the US Review was concise, descriptive, and accurate. It captured the essence of the novel, and is now prominently displayed right at the top of my website. The insights of the review are given credence and clearly backed up by outside sources. It was the US Review of Books which first recognized the strengths and attributes of my debut effort. I could not be more pleased.

- Randall Kenneth Drake, Saving The Innocents

JZ Howard

I am pleasantly astounded on two levels. First, by the reviewer's highly positive review in which she captures the essence of the story combined with the RECOMMENDED rating. Second, by the astounding speed of her review...

- J Z Howard, All of Me Wants All of You

John Trudel

I think that the US Review of Books delivers reviews that are a notch above the rest. I feature them on the webpage for my award-winning thriller novels. The reviews are accurate, concise, and attention getting. They cut to the core of my novels. These are often better to pass to fans than my own promo materials.

- John Trudel, Soft Target

Tanya Peterson

I highly recommend The US Review of Books for every author, whether traditionally published or independently published. Readers are quite discerning, and they often demand that a book have reviews before they will consider it for themselves. Further, the reviews must come from credible, reputable sources. The US Review of Books is one such source. ... The reviewers with The US Review provide meaningful reviews that highlight a book's strengths as well as honestly but gently examine a book's weaknesses. In so doing, they provide a great service to both authors and readers.

- Tanya Peterson, Leave of Absence

Brian Wilson

Thanks. It was a good review and this is consistent with a review by a highly rated reviewer and published author - Christina Hamlett with over 40 years in media.

- Brian Wilson, Bumpy Roads

SM Chung

I wish to express my appreciation to the reviewer for taking the time and give a very big thank you for her review. She hit it on the nail that it was written like a "Talk Story," but more importantly, she saw and brought out the salient points to provoke thought. Mahalo!

- SM Chung, It's My Choice

Ron Fritsch

The US Review of Books has reviewed all four novels in my four-book Promised Valley series. In each case it was obvious that the reviewer was an intelligent reader of serious fiction and wrote an honest and enlightening review. I have nothing but the highest praise for The US Review of Books. Independent publishing authors who write for readers who value high-quality fiction should seek reviews from The US Review of Books as an inexpensive means to bring their writing to the attention of those readers.

- Ron Fritsch, Promised Valley Rebellion, Promised Valley War, Promised Valley Conspiracy, and Promised Valley Peace

Tony Williams

I was quite impressed with the quality of the review my book received. It was well written and balanced. The reviewer gave an insightful perspective of its theme, noted the book's strengths and weaknesses, and she successfully captured the spirit and intent of the book and did it concisely. I also appreciated the professionalism and promptness of the service provided by the US Review of Books.

-Tony Williams, Forbidden

Terresa Anderson

I am so pleased with your company and the customer service you provide! You truly went above and beyond what I expected. Thank you so very much.

-Terresa Anderson, I Prayed for Death

Kerry L. Barger

I am absolutely thrilled with the two reviews I have received so far on my books, and I am waiting with anticipation to see the third. Reviewers John E. Roper and Peter M. Fitzpatrick could not have done a better job. ...A big "THANK YOU!" goes out to everyone at The US Review of Books.

-Kerry L. Barger, Elohim, An American Holocaust, and High Times and Rough Rides of a Bipolar Addict

Hawk MacKinney

Timely and professional approach and responses. In our contemporary world there is far too little of the 'professional' in many vocations. The US Review was a pleasant surprise.

-Hawk MacKinney, Vault of Secrets

Gloria Waldron Hukle

Thanks for all you do for independent writers and publishers. Because of US Review, I've discovered titles of interest and have also forwarded book links to friends who might be interested in reading a work that otherwise might be overlooked.

-Gloria Waldron Hukle, Manhattan: Seeds of the Big Apple & Diary of a Northern Moon

Peter Sust

[The US Review] captured wholeheartedly the personality of A Boy From Cuba. Her review proves it by composing a masterpiece. I love every bit of what she wrote.

- Peter Sust, A Boy from Cuba


Tanya Peterson

... Also important is the way the people of The US Review of Books treat authors. I found the people with whom I corresponded to be very kind, responsive, and helpful. My entire experience was positive, and I will most definitely have my next novel reviewed by The US Review of Books.

- Tanya Peterson, Leave of Absence

Peter Rowlands

As a first-time book writer, I am highly impressed with the level of service and the quality of presentation at the US Review. Completed in timely and cost-effective fashion, my book's review was posted in an expeditious and professional manner by courteous and forthright personnel. Thank you.

-Peter Rowlands, Man on the Move

Claudia Pemberton

Please allow me to express my sincere appreciation for your outstanding service. The US Review of Books provided me with a concise, professional, and invaluable review of my book. Every author knows the importance of obtaining evaluations of our work. Thank you for you contribution to my quest for success.

-Claudia Pemberton, Love Leaves No One Behind

Dawn Kairns

Thanks for your professional and expeditious review of my book. As an independent writer, I appreciate what you are doing to help our books receive exposure.

-Dawn Kairns, Maggie: The Dog Who Changed My Life...

Catherine Stone

I want to thank you for your amazingly on target review of my book.

-Catherine Stone, Down to the Marrow


Awesome professional service! Superb swift job! Worthwhile investment for any new or seasoned author! Impressive website. Friendly staff. Refreshingly insightful personal on target review... Standing ovation, salute and applause!

-Ipam, Alien, I

Dr. Kenneth Herman

I consider the USR's review of my book Secrets from the Sofa a worthwhile investment. The evaluaton of the book captured the true meaning of the award winning personal growth book. The promotional value alone was greatly appreciated...

-Dr. Kenneth Herman, Secrets from the Sofa

Tim Tyler

The USR services are fast and professional.

-Tim Tyler, A Passion for the Edge

I'd like to thank and compliment [the reviewer] on his professional reviews of my trilogy.

-Robert Noonan, Wildflowers, Bridie's Daughter, & Secrets

M.L. St. Sure

Thank you so very much for a beautifully written review.

-M. L. St. Sure, Evensong

This is my third children's book that the US Review of Books has reviewed for me, and for the third time, I was extremely impressed with the quality of the review and with the level of customer service provided. The reviewer composed a very analytical, detailed, insightful, and beautifully written review. And the review was posted before the deadline. What more could any author ask for?

-Peggy Krause, Wild Beau and Her Kittens, Finding My Molly, & The Scruffy Little Cumb-Grabbers

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