"Through meeting and making new friends, to information sought and gained on foreign lands, my travels have been a godsend."

Ex-Marine Hal Davis has embraced his wanderlust with gusto and lives life to the fullest. In this intimate photo album experience, he shares his many adventures throughout Europe, Asia, North Africa, North and Central America, and at his various military posts. Davis began his travel journeys as a young soldier in Spain at age nineteen. His textual vignettes are brief but written in a lively, sincere manner. What comes across the most in his prose is Davis's heartfelt enthusiasm for his military service and international travel.

Readers will likely envy his tally of 120 countries visited and admire Davis' depth of patriotism and appreciation of world cultures. This volume features many classic, much-loved sites, such as the Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Tower in Paris, The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben in London, the Rialto Bridge and Grand Canal in Venice, the many ancient ruins of Greece, the sun-drenched cities of Spain, and the Great Wall of China and bustling Hong Kong. He also shares photos and memories of other less commonly explored places by many Americans, such as Croatia, Belgium, North Africa, and Cuba.

Overall, the book is a tantalizing glimpse at a smorgasbord of international travel opportunities. In his conclusion, Davis reveals to his readers that "my story lives on as I continue to travel and see incredible places and meet amazing people." He and his wife still have the potential to depart on many more adventures, as illustrated by his prolifically dotted pin map that has ample space for potential journeys in South America and the southern hemisphere. Davis hopes to produce another travel book in the future.

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