Lynne and David
by David Formby

"What sustains me is the feeling that you share my beliefs or illusions or whatever they are."

A collection of love letters saved over more than twenty years is shared with the world in hopes of recapturing “something of the magic.” Formby, the “David” of the title, corresponded with Lynne in 1989 while they were living apart before their marriage. The letters (mostly his) concern special meetings with “Dearest Lynne Josephine” as he often addressed her. David describes his struggles with a soon-to-be-ex wife; Lynne subtly questions his motivations, while generally greeting him with a cheery “Hello David Darling.” She smiles when she reads his missives, and he confesses he thinks of her all the time. The letters are unexpurgated, politely alluding to sexual encounters in a tender, courtly manner. They also cover a great variety of mundane subjects—the weather, the author’s troubles with his computer, what was had for dinner, and, in David’s case, what drink he is imbibing and its effects. Formby interjects commentary amongst the letters. One highlight, sadly, is David’s final, poignant letter written to Lynne in spirit 16 months after her passing.

An erudite observer, David writes with stylish good humor and genuine love. His memories have clearly been revived as he went through the task of re-reading the correspondence. All the letters convey the immediacy of the days and hours in which they were composed, and all teem with a plethora of small details that would have seemed important at the moment. Readers will certainly sense and appreciate the love growing between this intelligent couple embarking on a new, significant relationship, but the minute details of their personal lives can be difficult to enjoy in the same way. These letters will especially touch close friends and family and doubtless have provided a much-needed catharsis for their collector.

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